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Texting free via email: US Carrier Addresses

March 18, 2009

SMS Emailing:
ATT Wireless
Sprint PCS
US Cellular
#- 10-digit number

MMS Emailing:
US Cellular:
Boost Mobile
Amp’d Mobile

509 Pre-fix Identification:
205 Tmobile/Sprint (0xxx-6xxx Tmobile, 7xxx-9xxx Sprint)
222 Verizon
302 Sprint
308 Sprint
366 US Cellular
374 378 392 Verizon/Mix
396 Mixed
416 Mixed
420 ATT/Others
430 ATT
438 Sprint
492 Mix
521 ATT
528 ATT
531 ATT
539 ATT
542, 543, 544, 546 – Qwest
554 ATT/Others
567 Qwest
591 Mixed
727 Nextel
845 ATT
851 Sprint/Mix
947 US Cellular
948 US Cellular
987 Mix

* Note that subscribers can transfer their number between carriers so this prefix map is useful probably 95% of the time, but not infaliable.

Franklin County is Qwest
542, 543, 544, 545, 546, 547

Benton County is Verizon:
371, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 627, 628 734, 735, 736, 737 783, 942, 943, 946, 967

The Long:
Texting costs up to $.10 a message to send and $.10 to receive. Overage can be really expensive. Instead of paying $20 for unlimited texting with the iPhone, this is an option:

Open your iPhone’s mailbox and send an email to:
Type in a subject, if you want, and a brief message.
After you hit send, you’ll receive the text message you sent. The only difference is, instead of identifying you, the “sender” will be something like: 1(010)100-020

You can reply directly to the text message, and it will send the reply straight to your email box. Voalia. Sending and receiving texts for free.

Sending free MMS, use:

To avoid having to type in the email address each time to send a text, simply add the email address to a contact, like you would any other email address. I like adding a custom label, named “Free TXT” or “Free MMS” to make it even easier to identify.

Feel free to email with questions.

After receiving your first text message in your email box, if you reply to that message, the entire contents (including the first message and reply and new message), are all included in the new text. To avoid this, simply tap on the person’s name on the top and select their “Free TXT” email. This will send a blank message. If you’re confused, experiment by sending a few messages to yourself. You’ll understand the reason for not replying with a 2 page email.

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