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NEW: Preview any paid app for free

February 8, 2009

Summary: You can use an app called Installous to download/install nearly any iTunes app that you would normally pay for.

Some hackers figured cracked Apple’s DRM copyright protection almost right after the iPhone 3g came out. What that meant was, if you had a jailbroken phone, and were fairly tech savvy, you could download lots of cracked apps from the web and, with a little work, install them on your phone.

While this was a fun technical challenge for like a day, the bottom line is that most apps I like are free or cost $.99. Hardly worth exerting the effort for a dollar.

However, recently the site recently made an app that makes this process so simple a child could do it. This is useful not to steal apps, but to preview them, since iTunes have have a return policy or trial period. If you don’t like the new app, delete it. If you do, buy it. Think of it this way, with all the money you’re saving not buying worthless apps you realized were worthless in less than 5 minutes, those savings basically gets you the good apps for free.

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