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Jared’s 2009 Most Favorite Buys

December 26, 2009

1. Get a smart phone (My fav – iPhone 3GS, $99). Try to get a person to give up their smartphone. It’s like asking someone to go back to riding the bus to get around. The iPhone has full internet, helpful apps, email, texting, 3MP pictures… you can listen to music, watch movies, shoot live streaming video. Customer satisfaction for iPhone’s is the highest of any smart phone. It’s impressive even if it’s hampered by ATT.

2. Get a Kindle, $259. The best advertisements are kindle owners – ask them about it and they turn into a long, animated advertisement. I understand people who say they’re “old school.” But if using the product for 5 minutes converted my very old school father, it’ll knock you over, too. It saves money, too — books are MUCH cheaper and can be bought virutally anywhere (lying in bed, reading on the water, at a restaurant, etc). You can always return it if not convinced.

3. Get a personal cook, $12-15. If you have an undying love for cooking, skip this one. Otherwise, consider how much time you spend going to the groccery store, buying ingredients, cooking, and then cleaning. And spoilage. And eating out. At the end of a day, would you rather do all that, or spend time doing anything else? Estimated cost of homemade meals delivered to home, $12-15 that feeds 2-3. Even having meals 2-3 days a week can make a big difference in stress levels and free time. If you’re interested, IM me for suggestions on hiring (I have this down pat).

4. Weigh yourself daily, $0. Write it down on a chart taped to the wall above your scale. This won’t by itself make you skinny, but being consistently conscious of your weight is much easier than waking up 25 lbs fatter 2 years later. This is freedom from buying bigger clothes, feeling crappy, and as you age, a ton of health related problems. I’m not saying go for skinny, but I am saying avoiding fat would be cool.

5. Delegate a job, $10. Make it one you really hate. A repetitive one. Cleaning, laundry, shopping, basic errands, picking up poop, whatever? What you really want can generally be delegated to someone competent for $9-$12/hr. I like Craigslist for job postings.

6. Get voicemail transcription, $10-30. If you use your cell phone for your work phone, this is a must! Of the last 900 voicemails I’ve gotten, I avoided listening to all but 60 of them. Highly accurate computer technology converts your voice messages to emails you can read (the voice message is attached). I’ve tested all the services and like the best.

7. Get MyWi. $10. It’s a hacked iphone app that allows you to make your iPhone a wireless spot. Be anywhere – car, boat, library – turn on this app, and your laptop can connect to the iphone (wirelessly) and use the internet just like at home. Super handy! See for more apps I like.

8. Viper Remote Car Starter (w/iPhone app), $500 installed: This isn’t cheap, but if you live in places where it gets to 25 below freezing, being able to warm your car from inside your work building, or inside the mall or movie theater makes winter (and super hot summers) more more enjoyable.

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