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iPhone: Recommended Jailbroken Apps

January 17, 2009

Ranked in my personal order of utility.

  1. MCleaner/iBlacklist: Filter calls or text messages (white and blacklists). MCleaner is the better of the two.
  2. Winterboard: Customize your iPhone with custom ringtones, wallpapers, sliders, etc
  3. Tap To Unlock Slider & Transparent Slider: Replaces traditional slider with a tap button
  4. StatusNotifier: Shows email, text message, and voice mail alerts from lock screen
  5. SBSettings: Swipe titlebar for instant access to settings
  6. BossPrefs: Additional customization, including numeric battery
  7. Custom ringtones (sooo many available for free)
  8. iBlank: Blank spaces to put apps exactly where you want
  9. MIM: Personalize your carrier
  10. Backgrounder: runs apps in the background (useful with Pandora and IM’ing)
  11. iMobileCinema: Safari plugin to view imbedded videos
  12. Qik: share live/streaming video with sound
  13. Categories: Sort apps into folders
  14. Pre-2.1 3G/GPRS/EDGE logos
  15. NES: Original Nintendo emulator
  16. OpenSSH: Connect to your iPhone via winipcfg
  17. VoIPover3G (VOIP over 3g): Tricks iPhone into seeing the 3g connection as a wifi connection — I haven’t had luck with this app.

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