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Recommended iTunes Store Apps

January 16, 2009
  1. Pandora: best music player available.
  2. Fring: best IM app (AOL/MSN/Skype/etc), includes ability make calls with Skype
  3. IM+: Stays “online” and sends the IMs to your email account. It’s not great, but the best alternative at present.
  4. Shazam: Identifies the song playing
  5. Facebook/Myspace: The facebook version is superior, but then again so is facebook.
  6. Flixster: Awesome theater information with times/places/ratings/etc
  7. Texas Hold ’em: If you like poker, this game by Apple is the best.
  8. Around Me: Shows you nearest gas stations, coffee places, restaurants, and other useful categories.
  9. Here I Am (be very specific in the name): Email your friends a googlemap link to exactly where you’re at (useful until added as a permanent feature in firmware v2.2+)
  10. GoContact: Share contact information
  11. Flashlight: Comes in more useful than you’d think
  12. Lockbox: for securely storing your critical information (driver’s license number, credit card info)
  13. Zenbe: task manager
  14. Another good list:;page

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