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Top iPhone jailbreak apps

May 19, 2012

Top jailbreak apps in order that I recommend installing them:

BiteSMS ($10) – One touch access to favorites from any screen or app. Also allows receiving and replying to SMS messages within an app without having to leave it. Probably my most used/favorite app.
IntelliScreen ($10) – Put about anything on your lockscreen – emails, text messages, blogs, calendar, weather, etc. Customize the information and the layout to include Twitter, Facebook, and your RSS feed.  One of my favorite apps.MCleaner & iBlacklist: ($12) Filter calls or text messages (white and blacklists).
MyWi ($20) – Turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot with the click of a button.  Use judiciously since it’s “technically” prohibited by AT&T.
My3G – Tricks your phone into thinking it’s on a wi-fi network even when it’s on a 3g/4g cellular network which allows for FaceTime, higher quality youtube videos, and large downloads.

Winterboard (Cydia, free): Customize your iPhone with custom ringtones, wallpapers, sliders, etc
Tap To Unlock Sliders: Replaces traditional slider with a tap button. Activate inside of the Winterboard app.
SBSettings (Cydia, free): Swipe titlebar for instant access to settings from inside any app. Also hide unused apps, turn on numeric battery, show date on status bar and other options.
Snappy (Cydia, $2) – Takes pictures in a second.
iBlank: Blank spaces to put apps exactly where you want
MIM: Personalize your carrier
Activator:  Reprogram different swipes, and buttons to launch custom applications. Access to the app is in Settings.  This is a great, no-brainer app. How Apple has released 6 iPhones and not included this feature is beyond me. Given the iPhone’s limited number of buttons, there’s basically one quick-launch shortcut (double-tap home to launch the Launching the other common apps can involve an amazing number of clicks and taps. This allows you to activate any app through a huge variety of shortcuts (ie, volume up/down, volume down/up, press-n-hold home, double press sleep button, swipe from bottom, swipe from bottom-left, etc etc). Some are more prone than others to get in the way of normal use, but it’s really convenient to quick launch apps. Free.

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