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Mindless Eating

October 29, 2011
I’m a huge fan of exploring how we make decision and what informs our thinking.  The videos below all relate to food and eating. Worth a watch if you think about food at all during the day.
A brilliant video that examines in a creative way, what happens when you take the same people, same food, with 30 seconds difference in times, and only change one thing.  the size of their plate.  Result:  They’re +25% hungrier:  Very creative and fun experiment.

Education is essentially worthless:  A subsequent study showing tons of education provided to highly intelligent people is meaningless when it comes to their actions.  What did matter?  The SYSTEM:
Feed people and tell them it’s Taco Bell vs tell them it’s from a restaurant with “Garden” in the name — how far off are they at estimating how many calories are in the food?  This video is funny and involves a lot of swearing.

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