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Burning Calories: Walking vs Running

October 24, 2011

There’s a surprisingly small difference between walking and running in terms of calories burned.  It’s really about distance more than how that distance is covered that’s most important (75% of the equation is distance, 25% is variance in speed).  There’s more information and calculators here.  That being said, you do get a 25% bump for running.  But staying focused on the big picture of getting stuff done:  I couldn’t imagine running 6 miles today after running 8 yesterday; but I had no problem just now walking it.  Walking is easier to do emotionally/physically many days when running is not.

The chart below is for a 160lb person (speed vs calories per mile)
2.0 mph – 91
2.5 mph – 87
3.0 mph – 85
3.5 mph – 83
4.0 mph – 91
4.5 mph – 102
5.0 mph – 116
5.0 mph – 116
6.0 mph – 121
7.0 mph – 119
8.0 mph – 123
9.0 mph – 121

Jared Fielding

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  1. Awesome post. Yes. One of the big reasons I'm a big proponent of walking. People never believe this. Not to mention, walking is SO much easier on the joints and anybody can do it. Where you see the difference is if you do HIIT training.

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