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A Snapshot:

September 14, 2010

I found a website that I hadn’t used before, which offers a deeper look at some of the data than

A summary of the stats from
Obama on the Economy: -18% disapprove
Obama on Health Care: -10% disapprove
Obama (general): -5% disapprove

Looking at Obama from 3 points of view:
Obama (dem’s rating): +64% approve
Obama (R’s rating): -80% disapprove
Obama (Independents): -15% disapprove

It’s interesting to be able to see independents seperated from those who are “pre-determined.” I wish I could see health care ratings by R/D/Independent.

Party Affiliation (very interesting):
32% Democrats
35% Independents
25% Republicans

I had no idea R affiliation was so much less than D affiliation. That being said, R’s are probably more likely to be Independent (R’s are a more independent group).

RCP Generic Polling
+7.8 Republican lead
48% Republican Vote
41% Democrat Vote

What’s fascinating is if you look at historical data and see that the R’s are now where the D’s used to be (at the 48% level). Who’d a thunk it. In large part, I think it’s the economy. The D’s are in power and getting covered with the crap of a situation that’s not their creating. If the R’s were in power, it’d be the same thing.

Nothing particularly new to report. Wanted to “timestamp” some pol-stats.

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