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Free real time credit monitoring (because paying is for suckas)

March 17, 2014

CreditScoreReportHistoryI found out how to get free real-time monitoring!  In this day and age credit score is tied to everything – home loans, insurance, qualifying for a rental — shoot, some employers use it to gauge how “responsible” you are likely to be for hiring!

If you’re about to apply for a loan – credit score may suddenly be in your awareness, but if not, most people fly blind for years until the need arises again.

I learned the downside of not monitoring my credit score the hard way.  Twice.  And the crazy thing is both times my credit got hit, they were just errors!  I had a loan on auto-draft at a national bank and their system failed to pull the funds even though there was plenty of money in a checking account.  At their bank.  No one there knows what happened.  It just didn’t work.  My credit got destroyed.  I discovered this not when they filed me as delinquent but later when I needed a loan (aka, I need the money now).  Then I was jammed up for months until the mistake was reversed and it processed through the credit systems.  This happened twice.

I decided monitor my credit score was worth the money.  At first, it cost $120 a year, then $150, and then $200.  But I discovered it can now be had for FREE!  Here’s what to do:

1.  Register at and your Experian credit report will be monitored for free.  Click Alerts to setup automatic notifications.

2.  Register at and your TransUnion credit report will be monitored for free.  Email notifications are already automatic.

3.  Go to to get a free, full credit report each year.

4.  Call previous credit monitoring service and cancel.

Total time:  <15 minutes.  No cost.  Credit score domination.

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