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Current System

October 5, 2011

Graphic: My daily checklist

Current stuff:
Protein (I think this link is it; I think it's by Precision)

Non-workout days:

1/2 serving Rage upon waking with 5g creatine monohydrate

wait half hour
2 pills OmegaPlex
1 v-100
Goal being to make sure I get creatine when it's gonna absorb the best and also to make sure I'm getting the multi-vitamin when it'll absorb best.  The fish oil pill should/may help with joints and it helps take the glycemic edge off the spike Rage.
Workokut day:
1 serving Rage 30 min before
1 scoops of protein + 1 scoop Syntha Phase + 5g creatine (and eaten/blended with a banana) right after working out
Goal is to get pumped before working out and everyone successful seems to say taking potassium (banana) and protein right after is the best timing.

Jared Fielding

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