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ATT Says Adios to Unlimited iPhone Data Plan

June 3, 2010

ATT announced today that as of June 7th, there will no longer be unlimited data plans offered for iPhones. Though this will probably not be an issue for most people. I use my iPhone heavily yet ATT shows my usage is substantially below the 2,000 MB limit for the slighly cheaper $25/month plan yet quite a ways above the 200MB limit for the $15/month plan (most probably beneficial for Blackberry users). Tethering will finally be (legally) available for the new plans – and without jailbreaking for additional fundage. The complete write up here.

AT&T says 98 percent of its smartphone users–including iPhone users–use less than 2GB a month. For many iPhone users, saving $5 a month by not paying for data they don’t use is a good thing. Current users are grandfathered.

Here’s how to find out what you use:

  • Hit up and log into your online account
  • Click on My Accounts and select Bill & Payments
  • Click Billing Reports and select Data Trends
  • Hit Submit

Cnet’s article is also informative.

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