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Soft Unlock the iPhone 3g

January 1, 2009

Just arrived at 7:30am 1/1/2009.

The short version: it works exclusively with the 2.28 baseband, which as of 1/1/2009 is the most updated version. In short, this means that everyone can unlock their phone. Basic steps with times:

  1. Backing up your phone (15-45 min)
  2. Downloading the newest Apple iPhone update if not already done (1 hr) and installing the update (45 min).
  3. Using QuickPwn to jailbreak the phone (15 min)
  4. Downloading unlock app yellowsn0w via Cydia or Installer (1 min).

Full details at

UPDATE: I wish I’d started to download the update (download-only, not download and install)before starting the backup. iTunes can do both I think, and on a half ass DSL connection, that would have saved a lot of time.

UPDATE: As of 1/1, I have tested a United Kingdom 02 and USA Nextel SIM – I have not had success getting either to work.

UPDATE: As of 1/2, upgrade to v2.2 is resulting is dropping internet frequently. I have removed Yellowsn0w since I lack other SIMS to test with and based upon user feedback, it’s truely beta. Lots of issues being discovered and hammered out. Advise waiting.

UPDATE: As of 1/9, the Dev team has released 6 beta versions of yellowsn0w, meaning lots of bugs being worked out. All family/friends with non-ATT sims have left (post-Christmas) so I lost the ability to test. I will likely not have any new information on soft unlocking until I get motivated before my next UK trip.

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